Unlike our competitors we don't bill by the hour. We talk of hours only to gauge sleep quality.

Pay what you can


Yep. You read that right.

We could use catchy buzzwords that you see often like, "your investment", and other fancy ways of saying yeah..., er, there are costs, and money and stuff.

Obviously we get that. Obviously, we hope, you get that.

So how will this work? Let's have a conversation. Learn if we can work with each other. Discuss some options, agree to terms we're both comfortable with, and get down to work!

Talk of money will be based on fixed prices that we, iff God wills, can afford.

Based on experience we know that "hourly billing" does not work on projects where the unforeseen is all but guaranteed. Hourly billing is also easy to game and way too stressful for you to keep tabs on. Not viable.

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