Unlike our competitors we don't bill by the hour. We talk of hours only to gauge sleep quality.

Your investment

We don’t have an hourly rate.


We know it’s bad for you and our relationship. You get a fixed price instead.

We are a network of specialists in the service of learning and imparting around the operational and innovation challenges of small social benefit shops: philanthropies, charities and social enterprises.

When you engage us on a knowledge problem, you’re engaging us to deliver you an outcome, or several.

  • Of course there are going to be deliverables in any project, but in our experience project teams often get this wrong.
    • You might think ‘Google Drive training’ is the answer but discover later that it’s the lack of a group conversation that allows staff to provide input on the change that’s hindering file synchronization adoption.
    • The deliverable is ‘training’. The outcome is adoption.

We care about the deliverables but we care more about the results, basically.

So how do we know we’re reaching the results we want? We measure it together in a transparent manner.

So how does all of this work? Let's have a conversation. Learn if we can work with each other. Discuss some options, agree to terms we're both comfortable with, and get down to work!