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Above all, my collaborators and I value transparency

I'm Rahi Delvi, the present 'face' of this outfit. Since you're here, let me introduce myself.

I am a technologist fortunate to be working in the social profit space for the past 10 years and counting. I was most recently employee # 1 at Grantbook (2012 to 2018) where I worked exclusively with philanthropies, charities and social enterprises providing strategic advice, project implementation and post project support on a range of technology selection, refinement and adoption projects.

Whether we like it or not our work is technical. Whether we’re reviewing grant applications, raising funds, preparing for board meetings or just plain ‘working with consultants’, not possessing business and digital savvy is expensive and costs way more than just dollars.

Most of the groups I worked with were transitioning from legacy technologies and processes to more modern web enabled digital systems and approaches to carry out mission critical work. But every project I’ve undertaken was about more than that. Each one equipped individuals who didn’t necessarily come with technical backgrounds to not just ‘navigate their digital environments’ but to literally have those environments fade into the background. Their attention was free to work on bigger problems.

It’s actually what makes this sector awesome. It’s filled with individuals who care about important causes, who often get thrown into ‘technical’ roles and who make things work. I carry grey hairs of wisdom and bear the battle scars of consulting directly on over 65 projects and lending critical tactical support on many more, and have spent countless hours immersed in the challenges and breakthroughs of social good organizations: missions, people, cultures and the practices that work.

One more thing. All of this experience was compounding in the context of a social enterprise that was being born. When I joined Grantbook in 2012 it didn’t have two pennies to rub together. By 2015 the business had legs and by the time I decided to leave in December 2018, Grantbook had wings. I didn’t just get a front-row seat to all the action, I was in it, performing my own stunts, heeding advice, building relationships, restoring relationships and savouring small triumphs and big; I was making a successful social enterprise with my peers. This bit of experience I consider my alternate MBA. And also a rude awakening.

Together with my collaborators, I look forward to sharing all this value with you and more.

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